Age of Reptiles MUD

   Some years ago, when I was self-publishing hardcopied and electronically-published roleplaying games, I designed an rpg based on a comic book world of dinosaur life created by artist/writer, Ricardo Delgado. Now, using the Unknown Regions SWReality codebase, I bring to you the Age of Reptiles mud.

   Unlike any other mud currently available, AoR takes place in prehistoric times in a quasi-factual setting and enables players to portray Deinonychus characters. AoR is role-playing enforced and fully player-killing capable, in fact, the setting is outright deadly. 

   Players may form packs to better enable their survival and, in time, might become a pack's alpha or perhaps an outcast from it. Characters can also mate and sire fully playable hatchlings. As a whole, the goal for all players is survival and character development through pack/mate interaction.


   While many mud players would define AoR as NOT newbie-friendly, a brief orientation area is available at the beginning of every new character's life. Taking the time to read through this short zone, in addition to reading through the Newbie Guide located on this website, will greatly help new players understand how AoR works and better ensure a character's survivial, especially in its early stages of development.

   Thank you for checking us out if you are a new visitor and welcome back to any of our veteran players!



Some mudsites have built in applet or telnet applications that will attempt to connect to AoR with displayed connection links. A player may also use a mud client and manually enter the mud's address in its fields to connect. One example of such a client is shown on the Recommended page on this website (it is a free download and not shareware).

To connect to AoR, the mud address is and its port is 8080.


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 Aeolus turned me on to this fun little game. I encourage everyone to try it out as a diversion!