Age of Reptiles MUD

I think this might be the fifth attempt at running AoR and I believe the mud's origins lie somewhere in the spring of 2004. Since the beginning, I have met some great people and seen the best RPing around. I have been lucky enough to garner the attention of Age of Reptiles fans as well as those brave enough to learn about the setting, with both willing to accept a somewhat daunting challenge to their RPing skills.

Contact has been remade with my good friend, Jarron, and I can only assume it to be of  the best fortune as I couldn't ask for a better partner.

I have consolidated the members of Duskfall into Red Claw, per forum suggestion from a couple players last go around, in the hopes that RP will be more easily found and, perhaps, the MUD can build up from that point more easily, too.

The forums ( are still open and usable and I encourage any players to use it as well as the blog here. I will be posting important notices, news and such here, myself.



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