Age of Reptiles MUD

...I finally located scans of the Age of Reptiles books online!

The first part of Age of Reptiles: Tribal Warfare is now uploaded to the website for all players of AoR to check out. I encourage you to read it and make copies of the pages for yourselves. I will upload more parts and eventually have the whole story available for everyone. The colors are vivid and the scans are pretty well done, I hope you all enjoy it.


Greetings to all of the new folk that have been trying the mud out! Gameplay in AoR tends to have peaks and valleys and I am hoping that the current trend might be a gradually increasing peak. With that in mind, I wanted to mention a couple things that might help to improve character survivability and general interaction.

Firstly, I can not stress how important it is for characters to use the HIDE skill, especially at lower levels. Before level 10, typically, survival is precarious, to say the least. Levelling is relatively quick in AoR but dying can occur just as quickly.

Along with hiding, be sure to check out the example prompt shown on the Guide page here at the website. This prompt is set up to display when a character is hidden as as well as sneaking, so it assists both survival in addition to ambushing. The prompt also has a weather key so one can know when it is raining. For me, personally, it is simply an RP tool. To see how hard it is raining, you will still need to use the Weather command.

Lastly, to improve interaction between players, and this is a major element in AoR, I recommend using the Track skill to locate other characters in-game. The range is relatively decent and no other game feature will help people locate eachother (unless you are speaking to eachother with IMs).

I am currently cleaning up the help file format, which,. for some reason, decided to be lost during some compiling and is unreadable in places. In addition to that, I will be building the zone east of th T-Rex Nest area, which has a new terrain type and some new dino breeds. I may be performing restores on occasion to help everyone out but don't rely on my eyes being constantly on you. Remember to use the THINK command for communicating to me, as I will most often be invisible.

Once again, welcome to the new faces and welcome back to any of the returning veterans!