Age of Reptiles MUD
After having to wait through the holidays and most of this month, I have a copy of the Age of Reptiles Omnibus scheduled to arrive this week. This book contains both of the first two series' and Ricardo Delgado's newest series which was published during 2010 called The Journey (a few pics from it are on the website here).

I am looking forward to reading the third series and am hoping that I will get my creative juices flowing so I can can continue to work on the mud. Specifically, I would like to complete the last few areas of the river basin. Sometimes it seems like the closer one gets to completing something, the harder it seems to accomplish.

While a few new faces have ventured into AoR, activity, as always, is restrained since players don't seem to be around when others are. Anyone interested in promoting the mud in an effort to attract more players should probably vote on the links located on the homepage of the website. Top Mud's position is in the 50's, so not too bad right now, while Mud Connector's is in the 60's, which is also not too bad. Any votes help, however.

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