Age of Reptiles MUD

AoR has a new server address located at  port: 8080 . Shortly, the address will become  port: 8080 (it just takes a couple days to be set up permanently) and all mud sites will be updated when this happens.

The mud is up and running but all player files have been removed to create a clean slate. All new characters will be assigned to Red Claw pack until further notice. Hopefully, this will assist in generating more character interaction from the get-go.

As far as character interaction is concerned, the mating and egg laying systems should be working as intended. Aside from some help files cleaning-up, players should be able to live and inhabit Pangaea with little to no assistance from immortals. To better ensure one's survival, I (still) highly recommend reading the Newbie Guide which has its own page on the website. Guidelines and other survival tips can be found on the new Forums page, which can also be found on the website tabs.

Although the originally established rules will continue to be enforced and RP Points may be awarded to those participating in that aspect of the game, it is my goal to have immortals go unnoticed during the mud's expansion and development. Utilizing the THINK command is recommended to communicate for RPing 'thoughts,' making efforts to alert staff for RP events or assistance, etc.

Reliance on immortal assistance and ooc chit-chat via the THINK command will be discouraged. Essentially, it is my intention to create a better realm of immersion so, although an immortal may be spotted rarely, they will tend to be invisible.

New players should read the Newbie Guide and take their time while in the *very* small Orientation area in-game. I encourage all players to use the forums here for OOC discussion and immortal oriented communication..

2/4/2009 07:43:01

Okay, the permanent address of port: 8080 should be working now.


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