Age of Reptiles MUD

First off, I would like to thank Diga for the hard work and creativity that has been put into the AoR banners. They look totally awesome and I am still looking at avenues of application for them.

We have had a few new players join us and try the mud out. Some of their characters have met untimely demises but such is the nature of the game. The Tribal Warfare story is packed with the deaths of characters, deino and other alike, and the mud does mirror this reality.

Regarding this, I would like to stress the importance of following the rules in place about death (see, help death) and hope that those players who have lost a character can only learn from their mistakes or come to terms with the brutal life in the realm of Pangaea.

Please, try to create a new character with a different name so that any other players associated with the deceased one do not become confused. Try not to become discouraged!

As far as other players are concerned, I am still hoping to see some of our veterans return.

Voting has been regular and we are holding fast to our ranking with improvement being gradual. Ranking will definitely help the mud get more attention but a review of the game will garner even more. It has been brought to my attention that is no longer supporting reviews, so a new site,, might serve in this capacity. Writing a review for the mud will also earn a player RP points as a "thank you," so consider submitting one!

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